BMWs on Corsica

 The Island Interlude 

Explore Sardinia, Corsica, and Tuscany on a perfect itinerary!

Island Interlude Overview

  • Countries: Italy & France
  • Explore intimate Florence
  • Enjoy a top-class cabin on the overnight ferry to Sardinia
  • Twist the throttle over miles of serpentine roads on Sardinia
  • Ride "The Mountain in the Sea"—Corsica
  • Visit market day in Lucca
  • Cross the historical WWII "Gothic Line" in Tuscany

真人网址the island interlude is french and italian cultures and mediterranean sunshine packaged into two glorious weeks of motorcycle riding pleasure! beginning and ending in the tuscan hills, the island interlude is a unique adventure spanning a variety of cultures, terrain, and history.

following a walking tour of florence on the arrival day, the tour gets down to the business of riding on monday. with the destination of the seaside town of livorno in mind, your routing choices may include a visit to the city of towers, san gimignano, and a ride through the impressive walls of monteriggioni castle. then it is a simple task to follow the curves (and there are plenty!) to the seaside. or visit and explore pisa, with its famous leaning tower before our rendezvous at the dock.

Enjoying a great motorcycling roads in Chianti

enjoying a great motorcycling road in chianti, on the way to the mediterranean

Cross The Tyrrhenian Sea

真人网址enjoy the comfort of a top-class cabin as the overnight ferry makes its way to italy’s emerald in the mediterranean, sardinia. this beautiful, wild island has been inhabited for 8000 years, and is now criss-crossed with perfect motorcycle roads.

Ferry to Sardinia, Italy

catching the ferry to sardinia, italy

after disembarking from the ferry we waste no time getting into the mountains. a perfectly set double-overnight in gavoi means twisty roads in every direction. corners here aren’t counted by hundreds, but rather thousands!

tight, twisty roads relax and open up approaching cagliari, the island’s largest city, and home to almost one-third of the sardinians. the old section, castello, is still guarded by 13th century towers overlooking medieval city walls. from the ramparts of the castle enjoy a sweeping view of the city. or head to the seashore and spend a relaxing afternoon with your toes in the water. cagliari’s market, one of the largest fish markets in all of italy, will delight gourmets among us with fresh-off-the-boat fish and other island specialties.

Sardinian roads are twisty!

真人网址sardinia's wonderful, twisty roads are perfect for motorcycling

真人网址a wonderfully sweeping road with endless views of the sea is our magic carpet for the ride around the southwest coast. bosa, the day’s destination, is a tiny urban area built in a riot of color. spectacular sunsets are the norm here and, should we have the luck to enjoy one, the pastels of nature to the west will compliment the pastels of man to the east!

Majestic Beaches

the pavement tightens up again departing bosa—this is another of those days that make motorcycling such a special activity. our last stop on sardinia, on the northern end of the island, is framed by mountains and brightened by flowering trees. minutes from many of the island’s best beaches, this popular spot offers something for everyone.

on sunday morning it is time to set sail, destination france, and the island of corsica, birthplace of napoleon. hey, that sounds grander than “let’s take an hour long ferry trip to the other island,” doesn’t it? if sardinia is an emerald, corsica is a diamond—in the rough. the fantastic roads, stunning views, miles of coastline and breathtaking sunsets are there. like sardinia, corsica has a small population inland, and is a place you may have all to yourself day after day.

magnificent mountain scenery and a very dramatic coastline sum up corsica, and it begins with the approach to bonifacio. la haute ville (the high village) seems to be built over the ocean, precipitously placed on the very edge of impressive chalk cliffs which have been undermined by the sea.

Disembarking on Corsica

disembarking on corsica. the magic begins!

Unbelievably, It Keeps Getting Better

真人网址rides on the free day in olmeto follow impossibly twisty roads into the mountains. those who ride will not be disappointed, and those who elect to travel to the beach and lounge on the seashore will be equally satisfied. it is just another perfect day on the island interlude!

as this is a motorcycle tour, amazing roads and scenery are always welcome. the ride inland, to corte, is via the “stair of the holy queen,” through corsica’s most impressive gorge. breathtaking doesn’t quite say enough! our accommodation in corte is perfectly situated on a mountain stream, and the meal here is typically corsican—hearty, delicious, and unique.

Riding up from sea level, Corsica

真人网址riding up from sea level on corsica's west coast

options abound as we travel from corte to saint florent. some of corsica’s wildest coastal roads, perched high above the pounding sea, lead to calvi. the road seems impossibly situated in places, and makes california’s highway 1 look like a superhighway. from calvi the route passes by one perfect beach after another.

today all roads lead to the water’s edge in saint florent, which, with its port and soft sand beach, is called the st. tropez of corsica. here we enjoy another double-overnight in a superb hotel, set on its own private beach.

Cap Corse

the restless will likely spend the free-day traveling around cap corse, the finger of corsica. the corniche road circling the cap was built by napoleon iii. prior to this, cap corse was cut off from the rest of the island and accessible only by sea, leading to the moniker “an island within an island.” a ride around the cap offers stunning and varied scenery on pavement that seems attached to the very edge of the land.

Coastline, Cap Corse, Corsica

riding along the coast on cap corse, corsica

corsica provides for some fabulous once-in-a-lifetime rides. often known as the mountain in the sea, corsica has more mountains and rivers than any mediterranean island. while the coastal roads offer grip and continuous views of the mediterranean sea, inland there are enchanted valleys with alpine scenery and green hills with prehistoric settlements to visit. it will be difficult to say goodbye to what must be the loveliest place on earth, but….

Tuscany Awaits

from corsica sail across the tyrrhenian sea to disembark at livorno. here we get a sample—a small, but piquant, sample of tuscany. along the coastline in castiglionello, inland to the etruscan city of volterra, and finally to the walled city of lucca.

saturday is market day in lucca. walk along the city walls to the other side of town and spend time browsing the stalls and mingling with the locals. this is what italy is all about!


真人网址tranquil tuscany

the tour wraps up in florence, and the ride from lucca to our hotel high above the city is simply the icing on the cake. more turns, unique sights and great riding take us back to where we began this great adventure. indeed, this magical trip will live long in your memory.

The Island Interlude

真人网址sept. 27 ~ oct. 11, 2020

Begins / Ends

florence, italy

Tour distance Min / Max

真人网址1325 miles / your choice

Free / rest days

Oliena, Sardinia, Italy
Olmeto, Corsica, France
Saint Florent, Corsica, France

  • Day 1 - Arrive, Florence, Italy
  • Day 2 - Overnight Ferry
  • Day 3 - Oliena, Sardinia, Italy
  • Day 4 - Oliena, Free day
  • Day 5 - Cagliari, Sardinia
  • Day 6 - Bosa, Sardinia
  • Day 7 - Tempio Pausania, Sardinia
  • Day 8 - Olmeto, Corsica, France
  • Day 9 - Olmeto, Free day
  • Day 10 - Corte, Corsica
  • Day 11 - Saint Florent, Corsica
  • Day 12 - Saint Florent, Free day
  • Day 13 - Lucca, Italy
  • Day 14 - Florence, Italy
  • Day 15 - Depart for home

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  • Rider $7,995
  • Sports car driver not available
  • Passenger $5,790
  • Single Room $745

  • 13 nights in 3 to 5 star hotels
    1 night in top-class cabin on Livorno/Olbia ferry
  • All breakfasts, 12 dinners–
    includes a variety of a la carte, choice menu, fixed menu, and buffet style dinners
  • Non alcoholic beverages at dinner
  • Guided walking tour of Florence
  • Airport Transfers
  • Tour book detailing daily options & points of interest enroute
  • Pre-programmed BMW Navigator VI GPS with turn by turn detail of all the daily route suggestions
  • BMW Motorrad Certified Guide on a motorcycle
  • Support van / driver for your luggage
  • Custom duffel bag embroidered with your name and tour

Not Included
  • Airfare
  • Gasoline
  • Lunches
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Daily expenses
  • Anything not listed in "Includes" under the tour prices
  • Rob Beach
  • Gretchen Beach